The Redefine Story, How i started the brand

The Redefine Story, How i started the brand

Well where to start, I suppose the best place is why I started Redefine.

It started with being out shopping and wanting decent clothing but seeing the price tags associated with them, and when working for nothing more than a basic wage I thought wow I can’t afford this but I want to look good.

I got home and thought how hard can it to be start a clothing brand having decent clothing at reasonable prices, I spent the vast majority of my spare time researching suppliers until i found the right person that shared my vision. I then decided to name the brand I went thought all ideas and then thought I wanted to redefine the clothing industry hence the name redefine.

Next was to design a logo now I’m not very creative but I had a play about with fonts etc. and I came across the signature name and I instantly fell in love it was shown to a few people who also said it was great, classic and elegant,

Redefine Clothing was born

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